"That's the worst card I've seen since that cardigan!"

Antagonise Conte is the manager of Inter Mulan . He is a former manager of Old Lady and Greataly and Chelsea FC.

Character Edit

He has the habit of saying "eeeeehhhh" before or after his sentences.

He frequently goes to the barber to check his hair. He doesn't like when someone mocks his hair transplant.

He used to have a brighter skin, but this has changed since the end of January 2017.

Career Edit

2015/16 season Edit

Euro 2016 Edit

Antonio Conte bars Euro 2016

Conte during Euro 2016.

He was the manager of Greataly during UOAFA Euro 2016 France.

In the match against Brillgium, his nose bled and he was hit by Marouanne's elbow.

He kicked Pedro back to Barcelona's stadium in the match against Max Spayne. He later suspended himself in the bars.

2016/17 season Edit

Premier League 2016/17 Edit

He was overconfident after he signed David Louise back to Chelsea.

He appeared in the preview song for Premier League 2016/17. He extended Terry's contract and he tired to sign Batshuay and Lukaku (but he just signed Batshuay). However, they were all hit by Diego Costa, who didn't want to be replaced by another striker.

Chelsea squad Manchester United bus

Conte with Chelsea's squad defeating Jose and his bus.

He kept mocking Moaninho when Chelsea scored against United. Moaninho became angry and slapped him. He later celebrated in the pitch with his team.

He patted Pedro's back for scoring against Tottenham.

He was in David Louise's car during Footballer 1 race 13.

He mocked Pep by calling him Alopecia. He later appeared celebrating when Chelsea won against Manchester Sheikhy.

He was booed by Tottenham's fans when he was subbing Fabregash in.

He tried to sell Terry in the Transfer Window of January. He almost had a deal done with a Chinese businessman, but he got a better offer from the Premier League's WAGs.

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