Alvara Moratahahaha is a player of Max Spayne and Atletico Madrid. He formerly played at Chelsea FC, Ronal Madrid and Old Lady.

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He is known for failing in critical moments, such as when he failed to score a penalty against Arsene FC in the Care in the Community Shield and when he also failed to score in the last minute against Arsene FC for the Premier League 2017/18.

He is possibly envious and vengeful, because he was angry for not playing in the first 11 for Ronal Madrid and he mocked Batshuayi after he scored an own goal.

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His name comes from a song (a parody of Havana by Camilla Cabello) that Arsey Whinger sung after Arsene FC drew with Chelsea FC and he missed the last chance of the game.

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He dived against Eibar Basquesheep's goalie but the referee saw that it was a dive and gave him a yellow card and a DVD to practice his diving skills.

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